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01-16-2013, 01:51 AM
Lightwave 3D VS Autodesk.
Hi everyone, I was wondering what everyone thinks Newtek needs to do get Lightwave used as much as Maya and 3DS in the industry. I teach Lightwve 3D to various students at Vision West Notts in England and I get the same question from my students all the time, "why are we not learning Maya or 3DS. Most of the universities and colleges here in the UK use Maya or 3DS. I love Lightwave and I am commented to using and teaching the software, but at times it is hard to justify to my students why I am not teaching Maya or 3DS as most employers and universities here in the UK are asking for Maya and 3DS skills.

01-16-2013, 03:06 AM
Autodesk wins! Fatality!!! :D

01-16-2013, 03:49 AM
Hmm, they must be about ready to release 11.5.... The winds are picking up...

As someone in the same boat, I keep going to Blender, in my own ponderings, as to why I am not teaching it. The AD tools are off the table at the moment, since it would be an economic decision for us.

Then, I watch students work with it and realize that it's not so bad, that they are learning the fundamentals and that their generalized skills can extrapolate easily for the student who has an interest.

The science of IOR crosses all platforms. Teach the science behind it and you really can't go too wrong.

01-16-2013, 12:50 PM
I think a software needs to get a reputation, and the software developer needs to understand the market inside and out from starters, also delivering a product that is reliable, and also can deliver a toolset or workflow
that no other software really does.

Thatīs what I belive generally would be demanded for something to grow, you would need Something that builds up excitment in such level that it is talked about everywhere, before you know it ..it has gone viral and
spoken of everywhere that this is future of things( sort of what pixologic managed to do with 3d sculpting)

Introducing new technology in the development and workflow would be important, but the technology need to reach a certain level , so it simply donīt exist elsewhere.. or at a fraction of cost/ time compared to others.

1.Once you managed to do that, you have a gotten the publicīs ears and eyes and also a foot and several steps in to the House of considered leading software.
2.Then thereīs next step to conquer the world market as autodesk seems to be doing by purchasing almost everything around,I could settle for number one though.

Today it is hard to say if Newteks Lightwave Has reached that fine house of leading software, might have some toes in there:) but I guess we here on forums might not see the whole truth on whatīs going
on behind the scenes etc.

You could speculate a lot if the development of Lightwave has brought forward such innovative technology that has reached the level of excitment and such peak that no one else is close to it, that will
be hard to say probably since much stuff is mostly worked on at other places too, with companies adapting same technology just slightly different time schedules etc, that is of mostly natural I think.

Releasing a new technology that would retain itīs patent inside of Lightwave for instance, that will force the industri to simply focus on lightwave since no one else can provide that technology, or for a long long time.
Then again I think that is hard to acheive.

Thereīs more than one way though to make a good cooking recipe for such de facto standard software to use for certain tasks.

Lightwave certainly has gained trust as a tool to count on at some places, but it will take itīs process before it reaches house of de facto standard to learning, and the first step is to reach the house of leading software, then reputation will build up based on that.

Just my thoughts.


01-16-2013, 04:29 PM
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