View Full Version : Lscript memory limitation? vmap issue

01-04-2013, 07:51 PM
Can anyone tell me if there is any innate memory limitation in Lscript with arrays and/or if there is any issue with the Vmap object agent and memory?

I'm finding that I can only load a maximum of 10 Vmaps' data into arrays at one time - fairly certain this is not a bug in my code, but I haven't yet stripped my code out to a test app yet to triple check. It seems the 11th vmap onwards only loads 0.0s for its values. Am I hitting some limit with LScript in general, Vmaps, or possibly with multi-dimensional arrays? Or is it just most likely my code? I will write a test app to confirm this, but wanted to check with the LScripter community first in case it is a hard limit I'm hitting --- 10 seems like a pretty round number....