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Lars Borg
01-02-2013, 11:31 PM
We are using a TC40 and it works great.

Yesterday we made a mistake and did not save the broadcast, we usually say "Yes" on exit and we are then asked if we would like to save the broadcast. i.e the TC40 creates a *.f4v file named accordingly to the session name.

But we found a file called @raw_sessionname.f4v file when checking the "saved stream" folder...but the file is not possible to access with adobe premier, we change the f4v (filetype) to mp4 and we normally can edit the file very nicely.

Is it possibly to use the @raw_...... file? How?

01-03-2013, 07:07 AM
Hmmm. There have been some recent changes in this respect. I'll need to review the details, but here's a note from the 5c update readme:

Post-processing of saved streams in .f4v format is not performed automatically. Instead, a batch file is provided to assist with conversion as required (see manual for details).

Now unfortunately, I see that the rather brief TriCaster 40 manual does not in fact have the additional information on the topic in it (I'll see that this omission is addressed). Given the new implementation, I'm not actually 100% sure this added detail will help you, but it might - so I'm copying it below from one of the other manuals:

F4V format files written by Adobe® Flash Media Encoder are incompatible with most video playback applications (even those from Adobe). The developer has explained the situation as follows:

“Adobe Flash Media Server version 3.5 and later and Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3 can record content in MPEG-4 (F4V) format using an industry-standard recording technology known as "fragments" or "moof atoms." Some MPEG-4 compatible tools and players do not support moof atoms, and therefore cannot recognize files recorded by Flash Media Server. The F4V Post Processor tool aggregates the information from all the moof atoms into a single moov atom and outputs a new file”
Unconverted F4V files imported will not play in TriCaster’s DDR either. Conveniently, TriCaster can automate the conversion for you to a degree. If you locate the folder named Media\Clips\sessionname\SavedStreams on your primary session drive, you will see the “raw” (unprocessed) streaming file(s) and a batch file (.bat) that can be used to convert all files in that folder. Simply double-click the .bat file to initiate processing. (Note that processing can take some time, so don’t do this just before a production.) Output files will be placed in the same folder after conversion.

Hint: The .bat file supports several additional features if run using command line switches. The readme file located in the same folder provides details of these alternatives.

If you prefer to perform this post-processing on another computer, you can transfer the raw files to it and use the Adobe F4V Post Processor tool, available from the URL below (requires an account to login):

If you don't see the .bat file as described, it might be that you could still do this manually on another computer as described.

Lars Borg
01-03-2013, 09:33 AM
What a great support you provide:) have seen the bat file and is just now adownloading the Adobe Post Processor...will let you know what the outcome will be:)

01-03-2013, 09:53 AM
Oh, it's there? Good! In that case, note that the .bat file is custom prepared to work locally on the TriCaster - no download or added installation required.

Lars Borg
01-03-2013, 10:52 AM
okay txs..have a working copy that we can edit:) did run the bat file that was present on the TC. Once again txs...for a superb support!!!