View Full Version : ZYNC - new cloud rendering, register to get them to support Lighwave

01-01-2013, 12:57 PM
I listened to an interesting podcast on compositing that mentioned a new company that has been rendering many of the major movies I'm familiar with their cloud-based service.

It really works in a seamless manner - and they offer rental of different levels of boxes by the hour with no cost to store files which can be uploaded previously to the render session.


They are opening this up to the public soon, and currently aren't listing Lighwave as one of the choices.

From the list of the movies that currently used them - and their feature set, they sounded very interesting.

If you register on their forum, and add 'Lighwave' in the 'other' field for 'rendering needs', possibly they will provide the extensive integration they are providing for other products for Lightwave?