View Full Version : making multiple lights into 1 layer?

11-03-2003, 10:24 AM
In my scene I have multiple(20) lights wich Ive turned into lensflares.
They are all parented to another layer (as a lighting rig)for easier control. I want to make duplicates of all the lights but would want them just on 1 layer rather than 20 more lights parented to another layer. Is there a way to merge all of these layers in layout into 1 because they are lights I cant do it in modeler. also is there a way to copy all the layers at once rather than copying each layer 1 at a time? Hope this makes sense.

11-03-2003, 02:36 PM
hmmm.. it is a little bit difficult to understand.. but .. I guess you mean this:

You have 20 lights in a row. You have parented all those lights to a Null-object (or 'another layer' as you named it)

Now you easily want to duplicate those lights? Go to spreadsheet and select all of the lights. Right-click on them and choose clone items. that way you can clone easy and fast.

I guess you have issues with the long list of lights! You cannot really 'merge' a couple of layers in Layout.. not as in modeler. The best way to sort these things out are the use of Null objects.. (add/ objects/ null object) you can then parent as many lights as you want to that Objectlayer and name it i.e. : Lightbar_MASTER

you can easy choose this item from the objects menu and edit it.

Editing all the lights at one time, you can do this in spreadsheet wich is very powerful!