View Full Version : Skelegons in Modeler...

12-11-2012, 05:55 AM
A couple of old threads and searching the interwebs and it seems other than making skelegons there's not real support for any way to see them in Modeler? Specifically the weightmaps - I saw a link mentioning you can set the weight via command sequences like this:

cmdseq("SkelegonSetWeight", "MyCoolestWeightMap")
but no mention of getting the Skelegon Names or assigned Weight maps.. all those posts were about 2005, so 8 years later is this still the case? No way to get all you can about skelegons in Modeler?

Iain's cool bone weightmap Lscript extension had me thinking about skelegons in modeler again.

Hope my cologne (or repeated LScript posts) aren't bothering anyone... seems quiet in here. :rolleyes: