View Full Version : Relativity morph for Tank Treads

12-07-2012, 06:09 PM

I'm trying to setup a morph-based tank tread using the Relativity displacement plugin, but having some difficulty. This is my first time using expressions so Im struggling a bit, luckily the tutorials Ive been following have been very helpful. I followed Will Vaughan's video tutorial on how to make an animated morph-based tank tread, which worked great. Now, I want to hook that up to the Relativity plugin, so Ive been following this great tutorial; http://www.premdesign.com/rel_tuts/tank_tutorial.htm.
Everything works great until the end, at step 17. It says to add expression 'A' and 'B', but I dont understand where those expressions are supposed to go in the Relativity plugin.
Is this a Lightwave version issue, and things are in different places, or am I missing something obvious? Im using LW 9.6.

Ive attached a screenshot of the tutorial and the plugin window to help explain my confusion.
I have expression A and B listed in the comments section, when I put them in any of the X,Y,Z lines, it explodes or makes the treads disappear.

Any help or insight would be great! Thanks in advance!

12-08-2012, 02:13 PM
Solved my problem, I poked around enough until I hit just the right buttons, apparently. If anyone else runs into this issue, I opened 'variables' and pasted expressions 'A' and 'B' there. The expression for 'A' had to be changed to "2*ODIST(track_null_left,t)/(1.000000)" (no quotes) for it to work. The treads work great now, forwards, backwards and rotate.