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12-06-2012, 07:51 AM
I finally finished this up. Needed to rig the entire thing to work in Unity. I used Lightwave for the modeling, rigging, texturing (nodes) and animation. UV's were done in 3D Coat. It is so easy to bake out textures in Lightwave. The inside is completely modeled. Almost every wire, switch, bolt gunners and commanders control, etc was made in Lightwave 3D. Can't show the inside but I can show the outside. Was originally made as a high poly model then converted to low poly using 'Reduce Polys +' and Texture Normal Map Baker from www.blytools.com (http://www.blytools.com). I also used LWCAD for various modeling tools. I also used the Anything Goos plug-in (http://www.digitalcarversguild.com/plugin.php?ProductId=17) for some of the edge detailing but that was mostly on the engine, transmission and the inside.



12-06-2012, 08:25 AM
Nice, you had a lot of modeling :]

You bake only ambient occlusion?

UV borders are visible:

Before export object to Unity, set up smooth in surface.
Read about LOD, reducing draw calls and forward/deferred lighting in Unity. It will be helpfull for you in future.
Check in Unity script/image effect for camera ambient occlusion.