View Full Version : Longtime LWers - IK history?

12-04-2012, 01:24 AM
Quick question for all you longtime Lightwavers:

I unarchived an old animated character scene from LW 7.5 days, with a rigged, animated character (no plugins for the animation - just basic bones, weightmaps, & IK). And although it was perfect (I'm fairly certain) when I saved it back in the 7.5 days, it is not in version 11.03. The left elbow is flipping like mad in the keyframed animation when played back in LW 11.03.

Obviously I don't have 7 any more (nor do I want to try and reinstall old discs), but what changed that would break IK for the left arm but not the right? The arms are keyframed to very similar motions (although not a mirror image) and the right works, but the left flips in LW11. I realize now I should have baked the motion back then as a backup, but I trusted that IK would be backwards compatible. (yes silly I know)

Is there anything that can be done - a switch?, a checkbox? or something that has changed that will make IK solve in "classic" style like it used to in that version? The IK for the legs and right arm are fine, it's just the left elbow. I know without posting the scene or me digging into the scene and spending the time to debug it there is little you can help with, but I need this exact old motion (the animation was very precisely tuned back then) and I need to resurrect this, and was just wondering if there is something simple or different about IK now since then that I am overlooking that could make an old scene act odd??

Is there anything in any version switch since then that anyone remembers that could be causing this?

Thanks for any ideas, :) I'm just trying to avoid reanimating this from scratch. I don't get why 7.5 could solve fine but the same motions would be flipping only for one limb in 11.03?

12-04-2012, 04:25 AM
Nevermind :bangwall:

Somehow (and this is in my SVN archive???) the "Unaffected by IK of Descendants" checkbox was off for the Left hand bone... that made the goal wig out the elbow for that arm. Doh! Guess it's not a version difference in IK solving after all... DOH!