View Full Version : Morphing stops after 3? (LW 7.5c Windows)

11-02-2003, 02:27 PM
I'm using the object Deform properties to set up a chain of Morph targets.

On the first object, I set the first target, and set up an envelope for morph amount going from 0% to 300%. According to the docs, 100% should be the second object, 200% the third, 300% the fourth. I also set "Morph Surfaces" and Multi Target.

I then go to the second object, and set the morph target for the third. Given no morph amount is set, I can't check the dialog boxes
(although if I set it > 0, I can, but have the same
problems). I repeat this for the other object, so
there are 4 in the chain.

When I render, it seems to go through the first three correctly, but the 4th morph doesn't
seem to happen. The difference between the
first object and second is an extra surface
layer. The difference between the 2nd and
3rd object is a physical deformation, and the difference between the 3rd and forth is the removal of the extra surface layers.

I've as far as to add the extra surface layers to the final model, and do things like change colors to see if I can at least see a difference, but it doesn't appear to want to morph past the 3rd object in the series.

I could render two animations and edit them together, but, it seems I should be able to do this.


11-02-2003, 11:28 PM
LW will only morph surfaces once no matter how many objects there are in the morph chain. If you need that functionality, you cannot use MTSE and have to set up each morph separately. This is also in the docs, btw.


11-09-2003, 07:54 AM
Figures... I was so excited to find it in the docs, I didn't read the footnote (I also only skimmed the section, going "Ok, thats how you do it", and rushing off to try it.

I think in my case, I'll be able to work around the issue. The surface changes basically add and remove an extra surface layer, so I think what I'll try is to use two models instead of four, and envelope the extra layer to come on and off at the right points. Actually, I could probably even get away not morphing surfaces, as they're pretty consistent between the two models.