View Full Version : Graphics Outfitters iVGA Connect goes on air for Pro Angle/Time Warner in LA

12-02-2012, 04:29 PM
We did a little "on-air" beta testing with iVGA Connect this weekend.

iVGA Connect takes the HD-SDI outputs (key/fill) of any SDI, HD-SDI equipped Graphics System, Chyron, Deko, VizRT, Pro Presenter, Sports Media Tech, Foxbox, Compix, Inscriber, Xpression, CasperCG, etc and converts it to a iVGA stream which is available as a NET input on Tricaster systems as a keyer source. It can operate as a stand alone device, or with a monitor attached to view input video streams on a monitor wall.

iVGA can also "upconvert" SD-SDI sources to resolutions required by iVGA projects. This allows you to use older SD Graphics Systems in High Definition projects on your Tricaster. Keep you eye on EBAY as we find old SD-SDI Graphics systems for less than $1,000.

We used iVGA Connect on a couple of games for Time Warner SportsNet in LA, for East LA College with great results.

12-02-2012, 04:33 PM
A couple of photos showing the monitor interface and connection on the Tricaster


12-02-2012, 07:30 PM
Excellent product Rich! you are definitely filling in some holes that needed it. Congrats and keep up the great ideas!

12-02-2012, 09:57 PM
I need to stop in your place sometime Rich, I was just up the street at DJO Global last month, I probably drove right by you.

12-03-2012, 12:14 PM
Sure stop by whenever you are in the area. Always a hot pot of coffee on, and/or cold Monsters in the refrigerator. We are about 1 mile or so away from DJO, right off Palomar Airport Road. We have a strict dress code though. Shorts or dungarees only.

12-03-2012, 12:39 PM
I always thought SD was casual, but shirtless is taking it too far ;)