View Full Version : Texture guide, awkward scale handling...

11-29-2012, 09:05 AM
I just cant get a grip on scaling an image with texture guide with a proper constrain to scale it equaly on x and z axis on a flat plane for example.

holding ctrl key and selecting the blue corner and dragging only constrain it to vertical axis, I have found out that if I rotate th texture guide and image a little, using
ctrl key and dragging will now scale it with a full constrain on all axis since it cant lock on to a defined vertical axis due to rotation, but why o why cant this be
improved on to a proper constrain on both axis when either using ctrl or shift keys, this also needs to translate in to general texture options in modeler and layout for
all size values which I have mentioned times and times over again.

A lock button or slider so we donīt have to enter numeric scale values three times when the value will be the same for all axis please! and/or a proper constrain handling
using a shift or alt or ctrl keys.

as I figure it ..you just cant scale it with constrained proportions with the texture guide handles..pity.