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11-02-2003, 09:33 AM
Hi all,

First off let me set it strait that this is not a slam post! I have been using LW professionally since the Amiga days. also any one that replies to this post please keep it on the same subject and issues as mentioned here so that my post doesn’t morph into some thing else.

These issues are for LW up to ver. 7.5c not LW8, the truth is none of us know what will be in LW8. let me know of your thoughts and experiences on these topics on LW7x.

I know that these issues have been mentioned before but I want to try to get mine in into one post. hopefully NT will take these issues and do something about them.

1. Deformations in layout:
This has been a thorn in my mouse for a very long time, it is such a pain to get correct deformations from modeler to layout or using hold bones no matter what workarounds or plugins I use. the only true and clean way to do this is to have the capability to rotate your bones in layout , move the points or lattice, save the deformation and have it assignable to a bone rotation value, slider and or other functions. xtool is still not a clean one to one way to do this function as what is available in other animation programs. I have spent many frustrating hours and days on this. My models have to have accurate deformations.

2. Moving background plate sequences:
No matter what the quality level or frame size the background image sequence is LW will not play it in real time! more like every tenth frame time!. I have Messiah and it will play full video size sequences at 30 frames per second without problems on the same machine, and this is the version that is launched from within LW, think about it LW is loaded plus Messiah is loaded and it outperforms LW with a double resource load!!!.

LW is used in a lot of feature films, what are these guys doing to get around this obvious problem?. The problem is not my video card.

3. Motion Designer:
Poor interface, sloppy, slow, inconsistent, incompatible, inaccurate. NEED I SAY MORE?.

Again this post is not about LW8, although I did buy the upgrade, I just wanted to voice my concerns and hopefully these will be implemented into LW8. If not I will have to start considering other options.
I would like to hear what other animators feel about these issues.

Thank you ;)

11-03-2003, 03:58 AM
really, I agree totally on these problems. in Lw 8 there will be tools for CA and animatable points in layout. i think its to fix the first issue, and I hope ll will be implemented in a clever way having the possibility to assign point deformations based on bone rotation is a good thing indeed. having also the possibility to set weightmaps in layout would be great (if you can select points, then you can set weights for them ?!). that way you could rig your char entirely in layout.

I heard there are probs also with sound wave reprodution to base the animation on it.

IMO Md have to be greatly enhanced, and since is a tool for animation I hope Nt will do this for 8.

probs derived from image sequences and maps managements as well as playing animations at an exact rate are probs there since a long time and have surely to be solved.

I'm happy that Nt started to enhance CA though.