View Full Version : A lot of RAM used by LW??!!

11-21-2012, 02:43 AM

When loadin a scene I have 2 characters. No texture shading, just wireframe in viewports. They load xml from Maya with mddreader. When I load that scene I get 9Gb of Ram used. That decrease a lot when shutting down LW... Where is all that RAM used? :cursin:

11-21-2012, 02:47 AM
what size of your MDD files?

11-21-2012, 03:22 AM
Which mdd loader are you using? Use the dpont node. It loads the cache per frame. It makes scubbing slower but uses less ram

11-21-2012, 03:51 PM
In object properties check the level LW is subdividing your model in the viewport, it may be unnecessarily high.