View Full Version : Random Windows/Panel weirdness when Calculating PFX

11-20-2012, 04:12 PM
Anyone know why the LW main window and its panels (running under Windows 7 x64) randomly pop "into" and "out of" existence or loose focus and disappear behind background windows when LW goes into serious calculation mode, such as for PFX?

This happenes when LW goes non-responsive, but is not crashing... just goes into deep looping code such that "pings" from Windows go "unanswered" thus it marks LW as unresponsive. Clicking on a window or panel at these times makes the window/panel ghosted white overlay.

Also, when LW main is in focus, then goes out of focus, a string of task bar icons appear, one for each panel/window currently open. The length of time the windows do this per calculation frame is random, varying up to several seconds with one to several "flashes" and "changes" in window/panel focus and even positional offset to the lower right a few pixels.

Very strange behavior that's sort of annoying to watch while working on other things while LW deep calculates. Just wondering if it's all Windows fault or LW doing it.