View Full Version : Solid IK Leg Setup

11-15-2012, 02:19 AM
Hi, I know this sounds like rigging 101 but I can't seem to fix a problem with a rig...

I'm trying to create a rig for a spider and need a solid IK leg setup. I have a simple IK leg set up which works for the most part but as soon as I move the spiders legs underneath the body I get all sorts of unwanted snapping. I wonder if anyone has any advice (tutorial link) on a setup that doesn't break/snap when in certain poses?

My setup works perfectly if I set IK on pitch, but as soon as I add IK on heading I'm getting the snapping.

Any ideas?


11-15-2012, 02:56 AM
keep IK planar, and use a top bone as IKplane, and thats about it... should otherwise work just fine... which channel u use (despite myths to the contrary) makes no difference. If u still got problems, just post ur setup.

11-15-2012, 04:45 AM
Thanks for that. I think that's sorted now :)