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11-14-2012, 08:43 AM
Delighted that the iPad audio App is here, but (you knew there was a but coming) but having used it once won't be doing so again! I adjusted the audio and wanted to return it to Unity but I couldn't as there are no markings (graticule) on the slider background to indicate Unity or +/- dB. My best guess was +10 dB!

Look forward to the update :)


11-14-2012, 08:59 AM
I would not mind landscape view and also would be really great if it gave me feedback in the form of vibrate, when the fader hits the 0 mark. Another thing is the pan tool makes hitting even balance tricky. I like the blue bar to the left but in my opinion, it presently displays the bar in the wrong direction. The bar is full to the left on even balance but becomes longer as I pan to the right. This makes setting even balance quite tricky. I would prefer the bar is not visible when when its set to even and then progressively expand from center to the left or right depending on which way I want to pan it. This would make setting even balance a breeze.

02-04-2013, 02:42 PM
The iPad audio ap seems very responsive and has meters, Nice! The features we would like to see are:

1. To display more faders at once, put the meters next to the channel fader, like they are in the Tricaster interface. Then use the upper half of the screen to display more channels at once. Allow landscape mode, to help display more faders.

2. We found that the Ap doesn't display all of the faders when we increase the number of External inputs by assigning two Mics to each channel (i.e. 2 faders per input to give us 16 External inputs that we need for some events). In that situation, we can't scroll to access all of the Internal source faders at the far right because they become inaccessible when the two Mics/input feature is used.

3. We also observed that the labels on many of the visible channels get cropped off on the end, making it difficult to tell which fader is which (in the situation described in 2 above).

4. Allow the User to custom label each channel assignment (Crowd L, Crowd R, House Mix L, Ref, etc).

5. Display the reference marks next to each fader.