View Full Version : Trouble Connecting to TCXD Audio Mixer App

11-08-2012, 12:14 PM

I've downloaded the app on our iPad2 and connected to the network that our TCXD 850 is on, but the app won't move passed the "Searching for Tricasters" screen.

Our 850 is running on 4e, and has the network name of XD850. Do I need to upgrade to 4f for this to work? I can't find any documentation on this, other than the announcement and the info on the app store.

Looks like it will be great when connected. Anyone have similar issue?


PS - Any plans for Android? Will it work on an iPhone or iPad mini?

11-08-2012, 04:57 PM
I called NewTek support. After upgrading to 4f, it works well. Some pros and cons to it:


- Finally, an outboard audio controller to the 850 and up series. Great!
- Will save a ton of audio de-embedding in larger remotes where you have a separate (analog) audio board and want the audio op to be able to control everything. Now he/she can use the ipad to adjust the embedded sources, in addition to the analog board.
- In a similar setup to above, saves you having to use the Aux outs to simply bring out the DDR audio channels. Without the Aux, it's pretty much impossible (again, I have an 850... maybe the 8000 is better). Gives you back a world of possibilities, like mix/minus.
- Audio meters are nice.
- If you break out each channel to mics 1 & 2, it gives you another fader. Example: Input 2 will appear twice in the row. But you can't change the audio setup on each channel from the app, only the software.
- 15 presets.
- It's free!!! Very cool.


- It only comes in Vertical layout, so it only displays 4 sources and the 4 main outs (pgm, hdph, aux, stream), meaning you have to scroll back and forth to get to all the sources. I would prefer to have a Horizontal layout to see as many sources & destinations as possible.
- You can set the pan to left and right, but is a little tricky, because unless you are very intentional and hold down on the pan slider for a second, the app thinks you want to scroll between sources. In a live production, you would hope you wouldn't have to change this much, but annoying if you need to change it quickly. This is mostly just the nature of an iPad, not the app, but if all sources were seen to start, this wouldn't be an issue.
- Also, because of having to pan (that is like all ipad apps - goes fast, then slowly locks into place), you have to wait for the channels to lock into place until you alter them. Time consuming when trying to adjust something quickly.
- You can set each channel to mono, mute and AFV, but can't find a way to solo.
- There is an odd-ball channel here called "eff..." (can't see all of the name). Must be used in a higher version of Tricaster, because it doesn't make sense for the 850.
- The meters are nice, but sometimes don't respond, especially if you changed the audio type or source on the channel.


If you have iPad and a Tricaster (and wifi network), this gives you a no cost way to monitor and adjust your audio levels, without having to use your mouse or keyboard to adjust it. I think it could be a bit better, but it is a great improvement.

If you're willing to spend money, maybe the TCXD Audiomixer is for you, but I've never used it so I can't compare.


02-16-2013, 07:54 PM
Did anyone answer the reason for it now connecting to an 855? That is my issue. It searches for the Tricaster, which is on the same internal office network, but never finds it. Something need to be done on the 855? Help. It would have been nice to have some documentation included with the App. But free is free I guess.

12-27-2013, 07:11 PM
Just install the new TXCD860 software and while setting up the TCXD Audiomixer I found it no longer displays audio for Net, Net2, DDR 1&2 Music and Aux. The authors support website keeps giving me an "Internal Server Error".

Anyone have ani ideas ?