View Full Version : NewTek TriCaster Audio Mixer App Now Available for Free Download

11-08-2012, 10:36 AM
The NewTek TriCaster Audio Mixer app is now available for free download from the iTunes app store.

Enjoy fingertip control over sound in your live video production with the NewTek TriCaster Audio Mixer. Simply connect your AppleŽ iPadŽ to the same local network as your TriCaster live production system, and control live desktop audio mixer functions wirelessly from the first-generation iPad, iPad 2, or the new iPad. Dynamically linked to the audio mixer panel of the TriCaster live desktop, the NewTek TriCaster Audio Mixer provides remote control over multiple channels of audio, displays VU meters in real time, and synchronizes with live desktop audio mixer settings automatically. Presets are also included for instant adjustments.

The NewTek TriCaster Audio Mixer is compatible with TriCaster XD systems and conforms to the features and controls of the model in use. Supported models include XD8000, XD855, XD455, and XD40, as well as XD850 series, XD450 series, and XD300 models.

iTunes must be open to download the free app. To view the app in the iTunes Preview, CLICK HERE (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/newtek-tricaster-audio-mixer/id573312608?ls=1&mt=8)