View Full Version : DDR Froze

10-27-2012, 03:32 PM
Last home football game of the season and we had a significant issue with the DDR on our TC855.

In the middle of a commercial (format MP4... I know Steve, you're going to tell me to bring it in under Import Media :) ) DDR 1 froze on a frame of video but audio kept playing. Other clips would not play at all. I moved everything in to DDR 2 to get us through the rest of the game. However, the same clip stuttered in DDR 2 later in the game, but did not freeze the DDR.

So DDR 1 failed, but did not trigger a module failure, as happens from time to time with the control surface. Is there a way, or is it a conceivable feature request, to have a manual module reload, for cases where modules are not behaving properly but a reload is not triggered by the system?

Once the game was done I closed the session and reloaded. Everything seems to be working fine now.