View Full Version : Multiple Bitrate settings for h.246 export

10-18-2012, 09:19 AM
I try to archive various shots from games during the season. We then do some editing later in Premiere. Although the MPEG settings are great, they are really large files and I find that I quickly use up my 2 TB external drive for Men's & Women's basketball season. Exporting to h.264 is more ideal but the highest quality setting is around 40 mbs. Trying to edit this on my quad xeon processor 3.2 ghz system, actually chokes it. Even enabling the hyper threading. The very good setting is not really very good as it's around 2 mbs. It's really blocky. It would be nice to have something around 17 to 20 mbs. I've found that this gives you good quality and is much easier to edit on most quad 3 ghz and above processors. I've worked with both AMD and Intel really well at those bitrates. If there is a way to get into the settings and make adjustments that would be good to. If you look a lot of cameras are using the 17 range for standard and then 24 and over for high quality. So in summary, another setting for h.264 is very desirable and I would recommend somewhere in the 17-20 mbs range.