View Full Version : BUG: more windows that don't come to the front

10-17-2012, 10:22 PM
Been playing with emitters lately, and it's just pointed up the issues with the separate FX window that you get with the FX_Browser (mis)Feature.

The problem is that often, eg, an FX_Emitter window refuses to come to the front of the screen, and the controls will also not appear in the object's FX tab-- you can see the FX, but the controls will not show. (I believe the window being open prevents the controls from displaying on the Object Properties FX tab.)

Several other panels show this same problem, and have been reported.

As a universal design goal (within LW), toggling panels should always always always jump them to the front. It's too easy to lose them otherwise. Most panels do work this way, which only throws the spotlight more brightly on the ones that do not.

In this particular case, I'd also prefer that when a user uses the FX Browser mini-panel to change effectors, that action would also pop the separate FX control panel to the front. Since by changing that Item it means most likely the user is going to want to control that item. Try it yourself, using the Object Properties panel to cover the FX panel (not the FX Browser).