View Full Version : Dope sheet multiples?

10-16-2012, 05:50 AM
Getting annoying behavior with the dope sheet, if i open a new dope sheet, then close it, the next time i open it i get 2 of them, if i close them and reopen it i get 3 and so on.
is this normal? or is there any way to stop it doing this, it seems to stop a 6 iterations of the dope sheet and the classic scene editor doesn't do this.

10-16-2012, 08:55 PM
Yes this is totally annoying and that is just the way it works. To get rid of the extra ones permanently go to the master plugins option on the utilities tab and delete them there.

10-16-2012, 09:28 PM
You want to click Open not New if you are using LW10 or in LW11, you want Scene/Dope Editor not Scene/Dope Editor (New). By default its shortcut key is ctrl+f1 for opening the same instance. Doing that will ensure you only use 1 instance of the new scene editor/dope editor in a scene. But agreed, the fact it creates multiples in a scene if you are not careful is not helpful.

10-17-2012, 01:57 AM
even if i just click open i get multiples. cant actually see why you would need more than one.

10-17-2012, 02:07 AM
To show different things - one for the dopesheet, one for properties, etc.


10-17-2012, 03:29 AM
then there should be a toggle in options to turn multiples on or off.
LW just crashed so on reopening i click on open dopesheet (^F1) and all six pop open, not a deal beaker but certainly really annoying. I used to use the classic scene editor but have only just moved over to the dopesheet which is better in some ways and odd in others.

10-17-2012, 03:33 AM
Like Joe Lertola said, you can hit Ctrl-q to go into the Master Plugins panel and remove the other instances and if you uncheck "Enable Master Autoload" in Options, they won't be loaded up when you start Layout again.


10-17-2012, 05:44 AM
ok, thanks
still you have to admit its a bit clunky that way.

10-17-2012, 11:25 AM
Sorry I assumed you had already cleared them out in master plugins. Assuming that you did clear them out the ^F1 will open a new editor if there are none in the scene, and if there is already one (or more in the scene) it will open all of them. So once you clear them all out, if you use the ^F1 shortcut, you should never get more than 1 in your scene.