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10-30-2003, 10:25 AM
Hello everyone,

Do you know where we can get 3D models of downtown city buildings in Lightwave (.lwo) format ?


We are doing a small animation for a childrens' museum, which involves a mid-day fly-over several blocks of a city's downtown. We are trying to construct the downtown and we basically need 3D models that approximate buildings, and lots of them ! Commercial buildings, office buildings, high-rises, hotels, apartments, etc, etc. The camera will be close enough to a good number of buildings to make out features.

For obvious reasons, we cannot construct each building. What we need is a library of ready-made buildings from which we can download and plop right into the scene. The buildings don't have to be perfectly detailed; approximations are fine. We would model the buildings ourselves if each building didn't take so much time (~1.5 hrs) to do.

We're not getting any money for this. It's strictly a bunch of CGI guys doing some community service, and getting some practical resume experience in return.

If you have done some buildings and can donate a few, we would appreciate it. We can put your name and website in the animation credits. If not, do you know where we can get a library of 3D models (either reasonably priced or free because we're on a meager budget), that would definitely help us out.

Thanks for any help or info that you can provide,


10-30-2003, 10:55 AM
Dosch Designs has a library of 50 buildings for $99, they look pretty good, look in their product section.

You could also try Ekki's ModPak which contains a plugin called CityGen I think, I tried it and it was pretty cool. You can try it for free. Look for it on Flay.com.