View Full Version : Dynamics and deformations

10-08-2012, 02:08 PM
Coming from Modo, I'm enjoying the 'parts mode' in the bullet physics - makes scene creation both easier and cleaner. The glue thing is an interesting feature too, but has got me asking a question....

Is it possible to have a parts-object (imagine a chess board where each square is separated but in one layer) deformed via nodes (so the individual squares move up and down for example, driven by a procedural) but where/when pieces are hit by a kinematic mesh (a ball coming from below the chess board and bashing through it), they cease to be controlled by the nodal deformation and work like a dynamic piece (fly everywhere because they've been hit)?

Or is that a step too far? :)

Wonder whether the sleep trigger for each part can be accessed via nodes and used, or whether the system doesn't allow for two inputs like that. I'm not nearly clever enough to figure it out, so any guru's in the house?