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10-06-2012, 12:01 PM
Right now we are doing a 3 day live sports event using 4 cams running native HD-SDI output or BMD HDMI to SDI converters.
iVAG is used to get live scoring from an externel PC, both DSK are used for this and other inserts.
DDR's are only used for stills.
All is working exept the recording of the 4 streams to the internal HDD of the TC.
Each of the 4 cam inputs is configured to be recorded on one of the HDD's. (one cam per HDD)
Record format is quicktime as post word should be done on mac with FC

The problem: constantly every 2 to 3 seconds there is freeze on all 4 records when played back directly at TC or on external computer. (so it's an recording issue)

System was running on one live production before where this problem with same configuration was not existant. Before this working project it was a brand new 855 with clean system.

We lost two days of footage already.

Any hint would be nice.

best regards,

10-08-2012, 12:17 PM
Here are a couple more informations about the configuration we use:

Project setting is 720p50

2 Video Inputs 1080i50 comming from Panasonic Handy Cams over BlackMagicDesign HDMI2SDI converters
2 Video Inputs 720p50 comming from Sony PMW-EX3's

We tried recording different Inputs to different HDD's, always the same problem
PRG , FX and AUX Output over SDI/HDMI is NOT affected even recording of PRG is perfect (indepent of the input that is selected for output).
Only direct source recording has this problem. (on all inputs we tested)

Beside the inputs there are a couple of other things connected to the TC:
TCXD850TW (original Cabel + additional 1 m extenstion)
original NewTek mouse
original NewTek Keyboard
EIZO Monitor (on Interface / DVI)
EIZO Monitor (on Multiview / DVI)
Philips TV (on Program Output SDI1, over a SDI2HDMI from BMD)
Streamencoder (on HDMI Output)
Audio input on 8a and 8b from a Sennheiser Mic receiver

HDDs are all original and empty (beside drive D, where all the Newtek content is on)

We really need help now before next production is starting.

best regards,

10-08-2012, 01:18 PM
I've asked around in Engineering, and the feeling is that you may have inadvertently gotten your framerates crossed up (possibly on the BM conversion to SDI). For example, if TriCaster was expecting 50p and was getting 24p or 25p instead, recording Switcher output (which is 'post frame sync') might work ok, but capture of the individual camera streams would be problematic.