View Full Version : CG / VFX assistance for independent movie wanted

10-03-2012, 07:53 AM
Hello @ all LW-Users,
for a 90-minute independent German film project (Action, Comedy, Horror Fantasy) i seek one or more people in the area of VFX / CG work (period: late October to late April 2013 - Premiere is the end of May 2013).

This activity is unfortunately without pay -volunteer work- it's a highly qualified amateur movie project. All involved actors and technical crew works for fun and new skills for making film.

For all VFX / CG effects is still 100% photo realistic integration necessary.

The results can be used for your own demo reel. The film (2K, HD, filmed with Canon 5D MK III ) gets an IMDB entry with your credits too. The film runs from May 2013 about 10 independent cinema, at national and international film festivals and on DVD.

There are small areas i need help:

a) organic Modeling (one peace for one Shot)
b) a small Crowd-Scene: rigging, flies on decomposing body (Model can bought, if needed).
c) a distance Crowd-Scene (50 Meter from the Camera) running people on a mowed meadow (original filmed) (5 T-Pose Mid-Level Models are bought, if needed)
d) a distance Waterfall integrated for a filmed dead channel (mountain riverbed) - hm, LW or RealFlow with LW?

I doing the other about 25 CG shots (Fire, Exploding, lightnings, etc.) in LW 11 and the Compositing (Syntheyes, Fusion, AE CS6)

This offer is suitable for experienced LW people, who have fun in it and looking for a new challenge for VFX...

The movie is currently in filming production:

Here is a first small Teaser:

So, i hope anyone is inspire for this and more Details later here or PM me please, if interesting for one are all CG shots.