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09-20-2012, 09:03 AM
Looking to make a snap shot
and paste it to the out side of that file.




Picture or Image

09-20-2012, 12:24 PM
I'm a bit rusty on Studio, but .cg files can be a bit complicated to wrap your head around. They can be either multi-page project files for Edit Text, Edit Media, LiveText, and SpeedEDIT, or can serve as single page title templates for use in Studio's Text tab. A .cg file does not show an image on its thumbnail icon in a file browser.

When you load or save an Edit Text project, you are dealing with .cg files. When you export a page or pages to "Live", one or more .cg files is created, and matching .png files are also created and stored (or, for motion pages, .avi files). These files will show image thumbnails, and can be dropped into a DDR, or used for other purposes.

p.s. Please note that you can upload images here. Screenshots are useful for understanding, but you're going to find most people would prefer to answer questions inline in the forums, rather than being led offsite to an external website (there are many reasons for this) just to see your question or images.

09-20-2012, 12:44 PM
The new look the old look. Been trying to get some kind of look on my files.

Sounds like I am looking for a lanuage in thumbnails.
The answer must be somewhere else other than in the
NewTek manuel.

Basisly working in the TriCaster, I turned a TEXT file name into an image. Great!

If you have any suggestions or the name of what I am looking for,
please. user: nocancer
Or nocancer (at) yahoo.com Here is what I have been trying to do. Thanks www.living-water.info/temp.htm

09-20-2012, 11:00 PM
Hi SBowie,

Thanks again for your help. Not sure how to get pictures and put them into the NewTek forum. Tired. But I will figure it out. I am used to web pages. And sometimes it is better not to say anything because the web page gets to complicated to transfer.

Yes the TEXT file .cg was turned into a .png file and the image appeared. . Basically, have a small production that I am adding TEXT (overlay off).


imagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagesim agesimagesimagesend.
texttext.png (motion) (Daily Bible Study) texttext.cg (001note.cg)(overlay off)
texttext.cg 001nkjv (motion)(001note.cg)

I was speaking about Bible prophecy keys and adding text. Learning.

But what ever has to be done to get away from that un-readable folder name at the bottom that one can hardly read.

I do not need TEXT.cg files. Now I know a text.png file can be edited (stretched or shortened in the Timeline and a fade put at the beggining and end.

You have the ability to cover problems and answers very well. I think, this is . . . the anwers and terms . . . I needed to move forward.

First thing, I did was post you answer on my study web page. Now, I will study it and open the online manuel - The Complete Training DVD.

Everything seems real simple. But hopefully, I can get though "starting a main VTP file for 2-productions "Ministry" and a folder for "Holistic Cancer".
Fifty years ago, I just got into a car, turn the key and started it, and a friend show me how to shift and the clutch and the brakes. In minutes we were starting down the road.
Flying a glider (sail plane) was as simple.
But the TriCaster comes with Training DVD, and manuel that has hundreds of pages of terms which confuse a person moving forward.

Is there a manuel for 2nd graders?
1. Load main file "new program". See Jack run Pause
2. Record - "Properly Save Main File".VTP Pause
3. Editing Pause

I know how to get the lights, cameras, and audio up and running.
But I need to go back to the correct basics. Step 1, Step 2.
Step 125.
In a day a person should have a good basic understanding how to CORRECTLY produce a show and how some ideas how to move around the TriCaster and get some editing done. Did not see in the manuel anything like that.

You take care, Steve Bowdie
Thanks for your help,
Many Blessings,

Wayne Graham

09-25-2012, 12:18 PM
Still working on figuring out how to; put a image on a folder face.

Went to;


selected 0 Export Page for Live
0 Export Project for Live

Tri Caster
already Exist

existing exported CG Pages
Replace Append Cancel

Live Production

DDR Text Color Background
test 1002.png 00:00:05

Playback Mode
0 Selection 0 List
0 Loop

Playback Control

Stop Play
rewind Rmv Clone
Load Playlist Save Playlist

Went to "save"

File Name VCR [1] Default for Wayne (NTSC-4x3)
File Type *.VTV

That as far as I got.

Will up date later.



09-26-2012, 07:00 PM


Working on the TriCaster 300

In TEXT, I saved a file "test_a.cg" and selected went Export Page for Live


Already Exist

Replacer or Append
existing exported CG pages

Replace / Append / Cancel

- I selected Append

Went to;

Live Production


test 1002.png 00:05:00

Playback Mode

0 Selection 0 List
0 Loop

Stop / Play
Back / Cue / Pause / Forward

File 1/0

Add / Rmv / Clone
Load Playlist / Save Playlist

Save Files
File Name: VCR [1] Default for Wayne (NTSC-4x3
File Type: #.VTV

Opened up the folders

pen.cg (blank folder)
NKJV.cg (blank folder)
Liv.cg (blank folder)
test.png (picture of a motion picture reel)

Could not figure out how to paste an image to the folder?
Tried different things.

1. Any ideas how to paste an image to the face of this folder from this location?
2. Could not view inside the folder by putting the cusor over it?
3. Inside the folder is a simple text www.Living-Water.info

If I remember right, I could not find this file in the Edit Media or Edit Text.

4. Do you have a TriCaster to use where you work?

Thank you,

09-28-2012, 12:05 AM
Sept 27, 2012


Starting Searching for this answer. 8-15-2012 Telephone support, manuel,
Internet Searched. and finally got hooked up to NewTek forum. Computer World We used to get a home permit in 2-days. Now with computers it takes 6 months.

Been working on this situation for around 6-weeks.
I have already done this task as seen in the
attachment, but cannot repeat it.


- Took a TEXT.cg file and turned it into a .png with a picture on the face of the folder. Does . . . anyone know how to do this?
- When working in Edit Text, I CAN pull this .png folder into the Timeline and . . . . (it works when editing).



I will post the rul address for the information
concerning paste (ing) a image on a folder.
If anyone wants to look at the NewTek
information, you will have to simply go to
the web page and see what I am talking
about. Because this NewTek forum is not
working again. Satan has his ways!



Please help. Details, and more Details, and more Details below . . . . . . . . .

The Word became flesh. So much counterfeit. Hosea 4:6 John 14:21 (manifest = understand) Luke 24:45 (understand)

Uploads not utilized within one hour will be deleted. Go ahead NewTek, DELETE. How does one utilize anything. Send me an email.
Message from webpage
picture_png.rtf:Upload of file FAILED!

I dragged files in but what ever. I do not see any attached files.

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1. Lets see, attachments does not have a button like my email program?
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3. Now it's saying I have to log in. Right! Do they want me to Log Out and then Log back in?

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This forum is such a joke! I want to highlight something and I get joke

Real simple but does not seem to paste.

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Many Blessings,

09-28-2012, 05:41 AM
I have already done this task as seen in the attachment, but cannot repeat it.

- Took a TEXT.cg file and turned it into a .png with a picture on the face of the folder.Actually, Wayne, your images do not show that you have done this task (put "a picture on the face of the folder"). You did create a .png. and it does show a representative thumbnail icon in the file window. There is, however, no folder with a picture on its face in any of your screenshots.

As I wrote earlier, "When you load or save an Edit Text project, you are dealing with .cg files. When you export a page or pages to "Live", one or more .cg files is created, and matching .png files are also created and stored (or, for motion pages, .avi files). These files will show image thumbnails, and can be dropped into a DDR, or used for other purposes."

Folders, however, do not show image thumbnail icons on their faces in TriCaster's file browsers. The problem isn't that no one has answered. The problem is that you have not understood that the answer is 'Actually, you can't do that. Sory, but you actually didn't do it before, and you're not going to be able to do it now.' I hope it's clearer now.

(As you enjoy scriptural references, this one comes to mind: Matt. 13:14 (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2013:14&version=NASB).) :thumbsup:

p.s. To attach an image to a post in the forum, you have to click on the "Go Advanced" button in the Reply section. You can't do it from the Quick Reply editor.

Peace, and do have a restful and pleasant weekend amigo.