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09-19-2012, 09:21 PM
Our next San Diego LightWave User Group meeting is this Saturday, September 22nd, from 12 noon to 3pm PST.

Attend a User Group Meeting without leaving your home!

Our meetings are now live on Adobe Connect for those who cannot make it to San Diego in person.
The URL to join is: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/sdlwug , log in as “Guest”.
Please pass this invite to anyone that you feel will be interested. It’s free to attend.

We have the Connect session open by 11:45am. Come by and chat with colleagues and learn!
We have a great line up for you!

Presentation 1:
Modeling the Human Head in LightWave 11 by Larry Shultz (Spline God)

Larry Shultz (Spline God) via Adobe Connect will be presenting some dynamic techniques on modeling the human head in LightWave.
He will cover fundamentals of proportions from an anatomical perspective.
Larry will then illustrate how apply them with LightWave's powerful modeling tools.

Presentation 2:
Linear Character Animation Workflow by Ryan Roye.

Ryan Roye is the creator and lead producer of Delura; an independently-produced 3d animated sci-fi series
made exclusively with Lightwave which officially debuted in early 2011. Thus far, 6 installments have been published.
For more information and his extensive list of demos and tutorials about Lightwave please see his You Tube channel.

In this presentation Ryan will detail the linear character animation workflow he uses for bipedal characters and
explain its advantages and disadvantages versus pose-to-pose animation.

We'll see you there!

Stephen M. Burns
[email protected]

information about the SDLWUG (and the in person meeting) can be found at sdlightwave.com

09-19-2012, 09:31 PM
Will try to check in. Would love to see Ryan's presentation.

Ryan Roye
09-20-2012, 02:25 PM
I'm really looking forward to presenting. Larry's going to be a tough act to follow though given he's probably forgotten more about Lightwave than i've learned cumulatively. I really like seeing modeling/surfacing tutorials in the SDLWUG... I am a sponge for anything that can help get much-needed improvement out of my visual design skills in Lightwave.