View Full Version : True sunlight with volumetrics?

09-12-2012, 10:10 AM
I sometimes use dpontīs sunlight and sunsky items or use domelight set to a small angle or dp infinite light to get a decent sunlight with soft shadows.
However..none of what is available can give a proper volumetric sunlight too, as far as I know you just canīt clone the light and make it distant light with volumetric applied and in one go get decent
and correct atmospheric volumetrics from it.

This is something I really miss and something that I think is sorely missed for those who wantīs to do better environments and atmospherics within Lightwave.

Using pointlights with volumetrics(which seems to be the most correct volumetric light to match sunlight) trying to match that your distant sunlight is quite cumbersome and it needs to follow the rotation pitch and banking when you rotate sunlight. the point light is by default not designed to match a true world radius and falloff either, which means a lot of tweaking to get up and running.

I Hope we can get something like vue volumetric sunlight in lightwave soon. ( donīt mention ozone here, I think itīs not where it should be, and besides..It doesnīt cast proper volumetric shadows with lightwave items)