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03-03-2003, 03:04 PM
I have a render farm mostly g3 but with three g4 2 silver 400 and an upgraded beige gr 400.
I render in mode three 10.2.4 the g4s work no problem but the g3's just close or the open and start rendering put ar not looking at the content directory. I have 13 g3's and every one does the exatact same thing. I am going to check the drive permissions.

03-03-2003, 10:18 PM
If all systems are running 10.2.4, make sure that all the computers are on the same sub-net of your network, and all can see the render host, and all have access to the host drive.

In my render network, I have all the LWSN duplicates in my primary "Applications" folder, renamed LWSN1, LWSN2, etc., the entire host drive is accessible, and I mount the entire drive on all the nodes, then launch the specific LWSN for the node (hint: make an alias of the LWSN when the drive is mounted, save the password in your keychain, and next time you just double-click on the alias and LWSN mounts the drive and fires up the render node).

I have had trouble with the LWSN nodes crashing at start up a couple of times, I just relaunch it and it works fine. Also, check that you have the correct info in the LWSN cmdLine files.

03-04-2003, 02:34 AM
This is an interesting thread on the fact that they are a PPC renderfarm. How much difference does this render farm mac over say just one AMD system or DP mac?

03-04-2003, 04:52 AM
How do you use LWSN? I have no idea what it does or how it does it.. Sorry if this is a dumb question..

03-04-2003, 06:05 AM

Basically screamernet lets you batchrender your animations so you can have a renderque and go off down the pub/gym/home while your puter gets on with things also if you have access to computers on a network you can render your files on all the computers across the network which could save your life on a tight deadline.
a good place to check out is


as it tells you how to do it



03-04-2003, 07:26 AM
Originally posted by Ade
This is an interesting thread on the fact that they are a PPC renderfarm. How much difference does this render farm mac over say just one AMD system or DP mac?

Ade, the difference over a single DP mac or a single AMD would be significant once you surpass the processor capabilities of said machine. It's a big numbers game: Your DP mac can run 2 SN nodes, and will render 2 frames at a time for your animation, your AMD can run 1 SN node (assuming single processor). If (for sake of arguement) each DP node renders in 3:30, and the AMD renders in 2:58, and you have a 900 frame animation, it will take the DP about 26 hours to render everything (using 2 nodes), and the AMD about 45 hours. If you have 10 G3/400s, assume that each node renders in 5:00, it will take about 8 hours for your network to render the same scene, AND you can continue to do other work on your DP workstation!

03-04-2003, 11:14 AM
I had all 16 working under 7 in 10.1 in mode 2 and mode 3. I prefer mode 3 because if a node dies it is pretty easy to figure out which frames are missing, also I had trouble with more then 8 nodes under mode 2 and if a node dies i would get empty frames at random intervals because the network render in lightwave would keep assigning the crashed nodes frames( try going through a 12,000 frame animation looking for random frames. Not fun i speak from exp.) They should make the network rendering stand alone.

I'm the guy that found the bug in the mac LWSN when 7 first came out. It was funny when I called lightwave for help they said they only had two mac and they wern't on the same network. Thank powers that be fo Jilan that dude saved my tuckus. Thanks for the alias tip though I wrote some apple scripts that I can launch from a remote login (ssh) with the osascript which kick #%s.

the machines are set up identically other then cpu. I do have the one g3 with at g4 chip in it and only 198 megs of ram and it works. today I go back to basics unsurfaced object network renderd I am going to install lightwave on one of the g3's to see if that makes a diif as some people seem to think but I have never done it before (mode1) keep me posted on any more thoughts and i will tell you of my expermints.
if you were wondering may farm goes from 266 g3's up to two 867's I have three 400's silver and two blue and whites 350/400 and a boat load of bieges g3 desktops (stack nicely) and towers (Don't stack) they have there on hub and I conect to them locally.

03-04-2003, 02:40 PM
g3's don't like jpg's in there map channels

03-04-2003, 03:22 PM
it works

03-06-2003, 01:10 AM
Youve got be excited now, take a photo of your setup!

btw in this day and age why did u go with PPC renderfarms than AMD?

03-06-2003, 12:43 PM
The simple answer, cost's just like everybody else

I'm a contractor at NASA in the Earth Science's and the NASA culture is interesting to say the least. I'll try and give you my take on it since I came from the freelance world two years ago. When I came to work they were using LightWave on OS9 (the scientist are very anti Microsoft and for good reason, I better leave that on alone for now). So any way I had been working with 3dmax (my history in a nut shell WaveFront, Maya, Softimage, 3dmax, lightWave current) and they said can you use LightWave and I said "does a chicken have wings" what! you thought I would say no. So I start learning LightWave on an G3 400 in OS 9 and I will be honest I am no fan of OS 9. The machine was dog slow so I said I need a faster computer so the civil servant went and bought an 867 for some one else in the group and I was going to get the old computer G4 400 not any better, but luckily the guy had a fit the the civil servant had bought the computer with out asking him for specks so he refused it and I ended up with a new g4 867 running OS 9 ( You see what I mean about the culture). Better!

03-06-2003, 12:44 PM
So this all happened in my first three weeks on the new job. In my third week I get my first job " A water cycle animation" We were going to shoot for an illustration style but I made the mistake of showing them an animation I was playing around with. I new about Hyper voxels before I started learning LightWave but I did not know about sky tracer. So you can imagine what happened when I showed them a sunrise with a particle system forming a cloud and traveling across the screen, they went nuts, so much for the fast rendering illustration style. So I'm setting there after the meeting going ^$%#it this is going to take a long time to render, LightWave under OS 9 liked to crash a little to often, what to do what to do.... render farm. Bare with me here.

I did not own a PC version of LightWave and despite what people say about government waste they wouldn't buy me one. EXESS to the rescue! I'll have to explain EXESS to you. In the government when you get something new (anything) if you don't want the old stuff it goes to the EXESS (Warehouse). The way EXESS works is that the other people in the government branch get first dibs on the equipment then other branches then public schools and then finally they have a public gov. auction every few months. I just went down to EXESS and started looking for G3' and G4's that would run OS 10 (I had OS 10 installed by this time and was finally happy with how LightWave ran) it cost me nothing but time. I thought about the pc render farm but at NASA most of the pc's are Linix and we're talking full pc towers' here. The old G3 desktops had a small footprint and stack rather nice. I did find one blue and white mac running Linix (Those wacky NASA Scientist).

03-06-2003, 12:45 PM
So I built the render farm but low and behold LWSN wouldn't work.. I found a bug. I called LightWave to report it and see if they could verify it. They were honest and said they only had two macs and one was in the add department. So I contacted Julian in the UK and he verified it and luckily he new the guy's to talk to at Newtek to get the bug looked at. A week later they had the new LWSN out. kudos to NewTek , Julian and the LightWave community. There were still issues, in that, using mode 2 in LWSN I could not get more then 8 machines network rendering at one time, another render farm here had a similar problem but Newtek could not help us. So I said mode 3. I used to do a similar type of render in the same way back in the WaveFront days on UNIX (when you had to pay for the extra render lic.). No tuts on that mode but with a little help from the mode 2 tuts I figured it out and had 15 machines going. Still took weeks to render Hidef 60 frames a sec. There are other things you need to know.. like stick to the Lightwave project file structure I did not and had to edit my layout pref's by hand to get the network rendering working, although I did learn much. you have to save your particle systems to a file in the motions dir.

Sorry if it was a bit long winded but I hope it was a good read. But wait there's more.

03-06-2003, 12:46 PM
Thoughts on Microsoft (And I am not some die hard mac guy)
The Microsoft corporate culture is not healthy. I had typed in more but I was venting.

The last thing I will say is that OS 10 is by far a better Operating system then Microsoft has ever created. people don't see it, because they are used to the GUI and afraid of seeing the back end. But the back end rules. learn some basic UNIX commands and a little scripting. I speak from exp. try renaming 65,000 frames in windows or the OS X GUI it took me a few minutes to rename them with a twelve line script in the terminal and I get to reuse the script. I can remotely login to my OS X render farm and use a "osascript" command to lunch an apple script no need to walk around to each machine or buy timbuktu or some such remote desktop tool. I am no hacker, i did start out in UNIX but by no means am I a power user but I have seen the benefits of the back end, I was sad when Microsoft started taking the Dos access away from the window side. Hopefully Macs will get faster, graphic card manufactures will get better at working on the Mac. If I had my own company I would probably work on a mac and have a pc render farm. In the end use what you want to work on and what ever programs you like to make kick #@s work. Every program and operating system that I have ever worked on has its faults, in the end it comes to the old programing Saying " Garbage in Garbage out " Don't diss the program or the operating system work with it. I had lemons so I made a dang good lemonade, and I am dang happy with how it came out. I'll try to get the digital camera to take a pic of my odd little render farm.

I am always willing to help if I can.