View Full Version : Dynamic control of camera AA level using a graph envelope doesn't work

09-09-2012, 01:22 PM
I thought it wise to bring this to your attention just in case you aren't already aware of it ...

I've discovered (in LW11.03) that attempting to dynamically control the level of camera antialiasing using a graph envelope when rendering frames of an animation doesn't work at all.

I've FogBugzed the problem (case 49923 https://fogbugz.newtek.com/default.asp?49923_dguujrj6qvrqlt35), which tech support have confirmed is a definite bug and it has been assigned to a s/w engineer to fix.

As mentioned in the bug report, I think I first saw this this bug way back in the days of LW9, but what with being snowed under with work at the time, totally forgot to report it, so it's probably been lurking there causing problems for quite some time!

So if your were expecting to be able to optimise the camera AA level using a graph envelope, forget it until NT have fixed this bug!

ALSO, be aware that the AA level allocated to the camera at the start of rendering the frames will be determined by the position of the frame pointer on the timeline. So, if your frame pointer is at a position on the timeline that corresponds to a value on the graph envelope with a high AA setting, then the whole sequence of frames will be rendered at that high AA level (and, of course, visa versa if the graph value is a low AA setting)!

Hopefully that will save some of you potentially wasting wasting precious CPU cycles by rendering frames at unnecessarily high AA settings, or finding that your frames have all mysteriously rendered out at a low AA setting!