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09-04-2012, 08:11 AM
Not sure if anyone has run into this before... but I have got a major bug when creating graphics in LiveText and then transferring the work to the computer(s) which is actually running graphics during broadcasts.

The first problem is logos... though only one in particular. I have several logos on each graphic, like a scoreboard, for each team and such. When I go to load the graphics on the other computer(s)... every single time it resizes one particular logo (not the rest) to nearly it's original size. It is a significant enough of a change that I have to manually go in to each graphic I already worked hard to create... and resize and put the logo back into it's original location (which moves when I resize). Does ANYONE know how I can get the system to stop resizing these logos? Again... it is just one particular logo... none of the others change even with different team looks... just this ONE logo.

The second question has to do with Daktronics codes for stuff like the scoreboard to read the score, clock, etc. automatically. If I put the codes in on one computer... they are just codes when transferred to the computer running everything. So, once again I have to recreate the "codes" on the computer I transferred the graphics to (which is also the one that has the Daktronics connected to it - the "creating" computer does not). Is there any way around this so I am not duplicating work on site?

Any and ALL help would be greatly appreciated... thank you,

09-04-2012, 08:18 AM
The best troubleshooting step I can suggest is to very deliberately change the format of the logo giving you the problem. There is something in that file that LiveText doesn't like. Either a corruption in it, or a problem with LiveText and some piece of some file type.

I used photoshop to "save as" a particular graphic that was crashing our LT slides a few months ago - it still crashed it. I fixed it by copy and pasting the pixels in to a new image file and saving. Whatever the problem was, it was able to remain with the image through the save process, but not through the copy-paste process.

09-04-2012, 08:29 AM
Well, two things off the top of my head:

The issue with the image is probably, as I imagine you suspect, related to that specific image. My first guess would be that its resolution is something massive, beyond the range that LT is expecting. I'd check that first, and if it is different in any significant way from all the other images, rectify that beforehand.

With respect to the Daktronics key issue, it sounds like you are endeavoring to manually enter Daktronics keys into a cgxml page on one LiveText system - let's call it the 'authoring system' - for use on a separate 'live system' that is actually connected to the scoreboard. This would, I suppose, entail your manually entering what you expect are the correct key codes directly on the canvas in the authoring system - as opposed to selecting them from a drop-down menu for insertion. I think it may be that this workflow is not directly supported by the design, and there may be a bit of a mish-mash of the tag codes in the cgxml file as a result.

It might well be possible to sort this out by manually editing the cgxml files, if you're of a mind to tackle that. Otherwise, this might call for either a feature request or a bug report (both of which can be directed to Fogbugz, per instructions elsewhere in the forum).

09-04-2012, 10:02 AM
Great advice guys... thank you. I was wondering if the logo file was the problem... it is a sizeable file and maybe that is the issue (though, some of the other logos are large as well, but not as large as the problem logo). I will try physically resizing it in a new file and see what happens.

As for the Daktronics issue... yes, I am inputting the codes, not selecting from a drop-down menu since that process is impossible to replicate (have to have the Daktronics All Sport CG device connected to the computer AND have the Daktronics scoreboard operational). I may have to come up with a work-around that honestly would be better to deal with if I also didn't have to resize graphics all the time! I also might work in reverse once... take the graphics redone on the production computer and bring that version back to the creating computer so that the cgxml files are from the version that had the drop-down menu.

If there is more advice... please keep it coming... my project was supposed to be "easy" and I have made it a bit more complicated :).

09-04-2012, 10:15 AM
It might be useful for you to prepare a complete set of source logo files scaled to some reasonable resolution for video purposes to have on hand for when they are required.

11-23-2012, 03:27 PM
It appears all of your ideas worked... I resized the graphics and that seemed to solve those problems... I also saved a project after I did work on it on the computer that was connected to the Daktronics All Sport CG panel and that allowed the underlying information to transfer to other computers so I could create other graphics when away from the Daktronics device - it isn't full-proof, but it usually only leaves a small number of fixes versus all of the fields needing to be changed.

Thank you again.