View Full Version : What is the function of "LWEXT11-64.CFG"?

09-03-2012, 10:47 PM
In trying to solve my Python issues, I found the config file "LWEXT11-64.CFG".

It contained strings related to some LScripts I recently created and used. And that's all it contained. (see appended)

I'm a bit surprised this info wasn't in another CFG file, the one w/all the rest of the plugins.

What precisely is the function of this config file??


here's the contents in their entirety:

{ Entry
Class "CommandSequence"
Name "CreateScript"
Module "E:\\Program Files\\NewTek\\LightWave11.0.3\\support\\plugins\\ scripts\\CreateScript.ls"
InfoTag 409 "CreateScript"
InfoTag 10409 "CreateScript"
{ Entry
Class "CommandSequence"
Name "Test object"
Module "E:\\Program Files\\NewTek\\LightWave11.0.3\\support\\plugins\\ scripts\\Test object.ls"
InfoTag 409 "Test object"
InfoTag 10409 "Test object"

09-03-2012, 10:55 PM
It lists your plugins. If you have autoscan off it'll list every single plugin that you have scanned into LW. LWSN rendering makes use of this file so it knows where to load up plugins from.

I believe if you use autoscan it'll only list the plugins that are not native to LW or just the ones you've added manually. Not 100% sure off hand.

09-04-2012, 03:17 AM
If you have Autoscan on your plugins are contained in a file called "Extension Cache-64" and the original LWEXT11-64.CFG is empty. If you turn Autoscan off the Inverse is true. The Ext11.cfg is the legacy form of the config file, the one we've always used. The Extension Cache file is XML-based and the new breed...