View Full Version : Quicktime as import and export files in LW 64bit

09-02-2012, 12:53 PM
hum... can I be more specific?

Lightwave used to be my favorite 3D and even 2D app, for creating quick effects for video footages for TV shows.
I've turned to AfterEffects because I can use it with quicktime files on a 64 bit plateform. I miss lightwave a lot, because there is a lot of things that I'm more confortable with in LW. And converting my quicktime in sequence files is not an alternative for me, because of the time, space and quality/compression consuming.
With a software like Avid Symphony or Media Composer, I can export multiple shots in quicktime reference format in few seconds, whatever the duration of the file. The rest is only Lightwave (or AfterEffect) rendering time. I've been working like this for more than 10 years, and it was just great. Until... 64 bit and no more quicktimes in lightwave.

See an exemple of my work in this old music video for a well known canadian artist (in Quebec). I did most of the transitions effects (in the tunnel, plane propellers) and the starfields with lightwave. No frames exported. Only quicktimes and quicktime references. The workflow was at the speed of light. "I think, I do". I was alone to do everything: the visual effects, the compositing, the editing and even the sound effects. All was done in 2 really long days (Sorry for the low quality). With all the back and forth I had to do (corrections, retiming, shot exchange, etc.), it would of been a pain to manage alone that amount of work with images sequences in 2 days.


p.s.: my name is Hugues Saint Louis, editor ("monteur" in french)