View Full Version : How do you access the animation for ambient light?

08-31-2012, 06:24 PM
How do you use python to access the animation envelope for the ambient light color? I can already get it color envelopes for the various lights because they exist as scene items, but ambient seems to exist as a kind of global item.

09-01-2012, 11:13 PM
According the SDK (if you can read C/C++, it helps), it's available as functions within the light. However, I can only see how to read them, not set them. You can set them with the commands :

AmbientColor red green blue
AmbientIntensity intensity

I've just done a quick test, and the channel doesn't appear in any light's channels. Nor in the camera's...

I admit that this doesn't answer your question, but may provide you with a work-around. Unless you're copying envelopes, that is, as you seem to do with your "Place Light animation on a null's transform" function. (I did something similar a week ago = I copy the light's RGB colour to a null's XYZ scale. The null is the light's IK Goal object, so I don't need to tell the program every time I want to "teach" the null [or the lights] what's linked to what. Especially as I have 3 lights all doing the same thing. I modify the null, press a short-cut, and my 3 lights all change).