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08-26-2012, 04:50 AM
I already do a search but can't find a related topic.

Anyway, I know that Newtek just created a LW group and set up shop closer to studios - and have been asking for their input: hence, flocking, virtual studio, etc. It is good business plan.

Still, what about other users. Do they plan to set up feature votes ala Unity where people can post features they want and people votes?

The trade off here is that LWG (Lightwave group :-) ) must mention of a feature is now being worked on. But they also can only mention it after the point version is released and tick off the feature there, so that now people can votes for another thing.

I don't know how tied is an account to LW license, but i'm sure LWG can set up where a license equals 5 votes. So only license owners can votes.

Maybe this can balance between features a large studio would use and features that everyone can use.