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10-28-2003, 01:43 PM
my VT(3) came with Win2000 and I want to upgrade to WinXPpro.
Is there anything I need to look out for ?
Is it a straight OS upgrade or do I need to reinstall the VT software ?

Thanks in advance.


10-28-2003, 01:46 PM
My opinion. DO NOT just upgrade from 2k to XP, a lot of folks have had trouble with that.
Do a reformat, and complete install of XP.

Little more pain now saves a ton of hurt later.

10-28-2003, 01:54 PM
Is there anything to be gained by upgrading ?


10-28-2003, 02:06 PM
T3 was coded on XP. XP is faster at all render, load, and save times I have tested on the same computer.(Dual boot at one time XP on one side 2k on the other, T2 then 3 on both)

XP has the 'Jump Back' or recall or whatever they call.. oh Restore Points to roll back to a good config if an install or such screws you.

might be some more, but there's a few.
Folks using T3 on 2k with no problem tho.


Paul Lara
10-29-2003, 07:00 AM
Originally posted by avtech
Is there anything to be gained by upgrading ?

Only convenience, Chris.
A system upgrade finishes, and all your installed programs are still there and running fine.

A fresh install means a re-install of all your programs, but you end up with a much leaner, cleaner and faster windows.