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08-20-2012, 07:04 AM
I often require to use poses in my animations.
Mainly I use motion mixer to edit hands onto my motion
captured animations. The linear editing in motion mixer makes
it quick & easy.

However... If I use two or more rigs with the same bone names in them Motion Mixer comes up with an error & wont load the poses for the second one. There are work around's like loading the 2nd character into a temporary scene & then using Motion Mixer, then baking & loading it back into the main scene.

Please Newtek...please fix this problem in Motion Mixer!

In the meantime does anyone know of alternative pose system that I could use for hands. I don't really like the IK Boost Pose option as I don't find it fast like MM.


08-20-2012, 08:05 AM
IKB has some other options for using poses rather then saving and loading them.
Store some poses on negative keyframes...like a fist pose on -1, hand open on -2 and so forth. Lets say you want to reuse the fist pose on frame 30. Move the scrub bar to -1. Right click on the frame 30 in the dopetrack and select Copy Key From. Make sure the wrist is selected and your keyframe mode is set to child.
You can do a simllar thing but between two different but identical rigs....Rig 1 can be the same skeleton that youre using on Rig2. Rig 1 is used to store poses. Select the wrist bone on Rig2. Go to the frame that has the pose you want on Rig1. Right click on the wrist node on Rig2 and under motion tools select Pose copy from.... and select the same wrist bone on Rig1. Tell it which frame to copy to and thats it (again make sure your doing it in child mode). Its pretty simple to do and this can also be done with motions without having to actually save poses or motions and reload them. This process is pretty fast. You can also mirror poses.

08-20-2012, 08:06 AM
Every bone has to have an unique name.
I wish there's convenient batch renaming function like Adobe Bridge though.

08-20-2012, 08:19 AM
I found the plugin " Pose Controller v0.91 by Colin Cohen ".
It still works, even in LW 11. The plugin is accessed through the master plugins area.

Once I made a few hand poses & saved them, I was able to place hand poses quickly. But where does this plugin store the pose data??

I searched the scene..nothing.
And when I load a unrelated scene, and load the plugin..the poses are
already available. So it must store its data somewhere on my harddrive.

I need to know where, otherwise my projects are not fully portable.

stiff paper
08-20-2012, 08:39 AM

"You can manually edit your poses files, which are simple text files stored in the format [pose].b.p and are located in your current working directory."

08-20-2012, 09:14 AM
I found this plugin : http://www.mikegreen.name/Lscripts.html#Renamer

It will rename multi-selected items.
I used it to add a unique prefix to the bones of my characters.
( see attached Screen Capture )

Now I will go ahead and remake all five hand poses for both hands
of the four characters in my project.

After that I should be able to use Motion Mixer for all of them in
the same scene.

I will post again once I have done this.


08-20-2012, 05:56 PM

Ryan Roye
08-20-2012, 06:18 PM
One admittedly tacky workaround to the motion mixer w/ multiple character issue is to re-name your second character's CoG bone (or whatever is highest on the heiarchy) to force motion mixer to re-interpret the bone setup. It will prompt you to target the bone that was renamed when you load up an animation.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... maybe it'll help, but the bone rename tool you mentioned looks pretty nifty and could help with the issue as well.

08-20-2012, 07:53 PM
Morphs arent good for hand poses because they move linearly between poses and donot rotate...