View Full Version : Should Newtek release their own CINEBENCH? Would it help awareness?

10-28-2003, 09:41 AM
Many ppl use cinebench these days to test 3D performance of new systems, it seems to be the way to go unlike previous quake 3 methods.
I was thinking that this raises awareness of Maxons C4D and should Newtek release something similar maybe called-

Bench Toaster?
Lightwave Toaster?
Lightwave bench?

It would really make ppl think about lightwave more expecially ppl who are starting to get into 3D and read about benched for their new computers that were built on the fact that they benched the highest with newteks app?
Would also show off Lightwaves superior renderer to everyone who doesnt know about the demo which is not available on the web site (if is i cannot find it).