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08-17-2012, 11:29 AM
Hi LightWave 3D Group
a few years ago, from what I remember, some people were certified artists by NewTek, is there a chance this comes back?

I think that the community is growing and will grow even more with the incoming builds. They will probably need people to teach them in their country.
Also, Schools will need LW experts for workshops or to teach the teachers, to let them know how great the tool is.
All of this can be easily done by having "Ambassadors" in every country. People who are well identified, who carry the passion for the software and who have enought skills to teach. They can "speak in the name of LW3D GROUP" by being certified artists.
Well, hanging out in the forum, we already know who they are.

AD doesn't need people to ask for it, there is such a big community that teaching is an opportunity to make incomes for the artists and to spread the word for the software, so more incomes too.


I think this can be a great way to attract people.
Those "Ambassadors" could be presented on the website with the country they are in. It's more proximity, people who speak their language, who knows the market.

Let's say a company is interested but still doesn't know how well LW can be integrated in their pipeline. They could call those Ambassadors for a paid demo in their company (those would be provided a presentation kit so the presentation is always cristal clear & pro) then companies buy it right away (with small rebate) or test the Trial.
If they need help afterward, they could pay those Certified artists for workshops or support (hey, an economic model here? :) ).
Once the community is built, there will be more room for artists to get job using LightWave.

After that LW3D Group can come in those country with a raised user base and push the marketing further with a field that has been prepared .

I know many people already do it but if LW3D Group facilitates, organizes the process, it could be much more easy.

Website & marketing to the newt level

As the website is awesome, I don't think about it as a one way (LW3D Group to customer) communication.
I think about it as a plateform for everything related to LW.

- 3rd party tab is great but then I expect it to be like LWpluginsdatabase or Flay (ex).
- Sell plug-ins from the website
- Sell top notch tutorials
- Distribute & Sell LW models / scenes
- Distribute & Sell displacement nodes, effects, surfaces
- And finally maybe have a way to broadcast paid tutorials a la KURV studio (made by the Ambassadors) with a way for teachers to easily get some money from it and LW3D Group an easy way to sell it. A win/win relationship so to speak.

Just to say, Now that we have some great stuff, it is time to rise the level and make the Best community based plateform that brings incomes to LW3D Group and to artists.
NT has always done a great job rewarding and being thankful to the community and even more since Rob is aboard . Everybody has their credit on the work that is shocased , they are named in the videos and more than before, great artists from our community got hired!

So what I'm picturing would just be a natural direction from LW3D Group to follow. Build a stronger community, stimulate artists, rise the overal level and make the world see how passionate we are and what we can achieve!
Well, I'm no one to say what they should do but I've been in this community for so long being a noob, then a self taught person, then a freelancer, then a ceo who tries to hire LW artists first (+ my 10+ years in communication) that I envision something amazing for our beloved software & community.

Sure thing is that LW has something special and I am thankful for being in such a great generous, passionate community.
One love

Is it just me or that LW3D Group thing and the website and have gotten me all excited?

I hope my nmakes sense to you :)

08-17-2012, 11:30 AM
I would be interested in getting Rob's feedback if anything can be communicated on that note.

08-19-2012, 08:12 AM
Great idea!