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10-28-2003, 07:26 AM

10-28-2003, 11:44 AM
I wouldn't reccomend reading the manual is a goot starter no. Maybe one of the books like Essential Lightwave or Dan Ablans books are better to get off a fast start.

Once you get over the first hill everything gets easier.

Up until a point where you can start imagining how to develop your own style and content without someone holding your hand.

That 's like stepping into the void (bungie jump of a bridge). The rewards are much higher, but so is the effort you have to have to take that step.

10-28-2003, 02:44 PM
Newtek already give you these (http://www.newtek.com/products/lightwave/tutorials/index.html) plus if the user even cracked the manual they would clearly see the Box tool in modeler for instance. The manual may be dry like most technical manuals but if the user actually takes the time to actually read it and not flip the pages they will actually learn the basics of lightwave and how to do the simplisest of things that everybody gets tired hearing "How do I make a Box?" type of questions.

10-28-2003, 04:16 PM
gjjackson, there was a suggestion from someone a ways back on the same thing but I have to reiterate that it would be a very lonely forum. First of all, who wants to think of themselves as a beginner or someone who doesn't know that much. Secondly, you wouldn't get the advice of people who are more experienced as they wouldn't be hanging out in the newbie forum. You'd have things like "Hey, how do I model a box?" ask Newbie number 1. "I don't know, but tell me when you figure it out" responds newbie number 2. "Tell me too please!" chimes in newbie number 3. See where that's going?
The manual isn't meant to be read cover to cover, even though I thought it was a good read. It is your ultimate resource for finding basic answers to most of your basic questions. It's called an index, and people really should get to know it.

10-28-2003, 04:43 PM
Sounds like the blind leading the blind :)

10-28-2003, 06:27 PM
It was just a suggestion and apparently not a good one.

10-29-2003, 02:38 AM
How 'bout just a sticky thread with links to all the tutorials, video tutorials, flash introductions, 3dbuzz.com, recommended books and the Discovery Edition on the ftp server? Newbies could add their own comments as the discover stuff?