View Full Version : Los Angeles LightWave User Group Meeting Special Siggraph Edition

08-06-2012, 03:05 PM
Hello Folks

Here's our agenda so far for the LA LightWave User Group Meeting: Special Siggraph Edition

When: Saturday, August 11th 2:00pm

Where: Intervideo...2211 North Hollywood Way, Burbank CA 91505

For this special meeting of the Los Angeles LightWave User Group (Special Siggraph Edition), we will have Dustin Adair. Dustin worked at Digital Domain and Zoic before turning to writing game apps for the iPhone and Android. He will talk about his highly successful game "Save the Titanic" which was all modeled in LightWave, plus how he will be using LightWave for his future games. If you are interested in writing game apps (or creating assets for them), this is for you.

Next, the newly formed LightWave 3D Group will talk about the future of LightWave. You may have heard about the formation of the LightWave 3D Group and the changes with LightWave, including the fact that the Group will be based locally in Burbank California. If you won't get a chance to attend Siggraph, this is your chance to see what's new, meet the team and ask questions.

We're sorry to report that Michael Wolf from db&w plug ins won't be presenting. There's was a scheduling conflict, but we'll try to have them at another time. :-(

We may have more presenters.

We need RSVPs to get an idea of how may people are coming and how much food to order. An RSVP is not required nor does it guarantee a seat.
But please RSVP at [email protected]