View Full Version : Layering Envelope+Texture in Instance Offset

08-04-2012, 10:32 AM
I HAD a nice effect going with instancing using a simple Envelope on an offset. Then I had to go tweak it with a Texture....

After screwing up my animation, a question arises:

Is it possibly to simply USE both Envelope and Texture simultaneously, or do you have to use Texture with some kind of Constant layer, and envelope the layer opacities to get the same effect? (right off hand don't even remember how one would derive a simple constant out of a Texture stack.)

The situation:

5 meter offset enveloping down to 50mm.
Wanted to add a little perturbation after the envelope to keep the effect dynamic.
Adding a texture just seemed to erase the effect of the envelope. (d'oh)

EDIT: Envelopes can achieve values that Textures cannot (correct??? >255?) , soooo.... just checking. (?)