View Full Version : A Short film with a little Lightwave Fx Done

08-03-2012, 11:18 AM

I just released a 37 minutes movie in where I used Lightwave 3D for some of the visual Fx.

It's not a commercial job. Just for art and film festivals and I'd like to show how did lightwave helped me to tell a story without too complication and complexity.

The first shot shows my company logo and the Lion has model/texture/light by the master artist Maurocor, concept and animation and compositing by me.

I'm sharing some of the scenes here. Critics & Comments are welcome. Anyway I warning it's not state of art effects. Some of the effects were done in ridiculous time of work ( from half to one hour and a half ) , partially done with my left hand - right one got surgery and is not usefull yet. Of course we would be able to do it better, but there was not time available and the project was not too big for that.

The film was done totally with volunteer work without any finance other than a group of friends I join for working together and I had to write, direct, teach new team and a little more on spare time. So we have some little problems, but the target was to tell a good story and show we can do a film, not a technical challenge itself.

It seems it worked for audience at the launch event so hope you also enjoy it.

08-04-2012, 07:22 AM
Quite good for a single handed artist with very little time, at least cg effects in the forest etc, the lion animation and texturing might be worked at thou.

And somethings feels a little awkvard with the edit cutting of the sequences.

otherwise..I think you will be able to great things further on.