View Full Version : UI inconconsistancy: GE keys- frame advance: +

08-02-2012, 11:36 AM
In the main Layout UI, LEFT/RIGHT keys advance/rewind the current frame. In the Graph Editor, when ONE keyframe is selected, LEFT/RIGHT advances the selection to the next keyframe. When multiple keys on one channel are selected, or when no keyframes are selected, LEFT/RIGHT does nothing.

So, in the GE, left/right often do nothing.

Personally, I would much rather LEFT/RIGHT did the same thing it does in the main UI, iow advance/rewind one frame. I'd ESPECIALLY like this if no keyframes are selected. I can see how advancing thru the keyframes would be nice, but the cases above when l/r does nothing seems like a big waste of a major UI interaction.

CASE: no keyframes selected.
ACTION: Left/Right advances frame as in main UI. Also, SHIFT+L/R works like in main UI, jumping to next keyframe in channel(s).

CASE: one keyframe selected.
ACTION: L/R advances/retreats to next/prev keyframe.

CASE: multiple keyframes selected.
ACTION: L/R advances/retreats _selection_ by one/-1 keyframe. Same number of keyframes remain selected. At ends, keyframe selection decrease to a minimum of one keyframe selected.