View Full Version : Separation by weight maps for rotation -nodally??

07-31-2012, 08:23 PM
(trying to remember if I've drooled this one out before.....)(I seem to recall Denis schooling me on this last week or so, but can't find it....)

I know you can use weight maps and Bones to successfully animate mesh elements that are in the same layer. IIRC Proton demo'd this using a radio mesh, all in one layer, and rotating-animating the dials via Bones restricted by weight maps.

Can you do the same thing, for rotation, and have LW automagically set the pivot point of the mesh elements at their, ummmm, 'centroid' (???), nodally?


LW isolates the weight map,
computes the bounding box,
sets the pivot point at the middle,
and applies a rotation.

My test case for this is the ToyPlane mesh.

I can almost conceive of how this might be done: you'd rotate EVERY PART, but it would be moderated by the weight map. (See, RH, I've been listening.) :o

My apologies if I've already asked this.