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07-26-2012, 08:35 AM
Hi peeps,

I wish to render a scene with an alpha channel but no options for this that I can see :(

In LW6, I just use to select: 'Quicktime / millions +' and bingo. Have quicktime on my PC but does not come up as an option. avi is there, but no alpha...

Thanks in advance

07-26-2012, 03:26 PM
QuickTime is not available in LightWave 64-bit, but you shouldn't render to an animation anyway really. If your machine goes down halfway through rendering an animation you have to start again from scratch, whereas if you are rendering frames you can just pick up again from the last frame rendered. You can get QuickTime Pro to compile a mov file, or use VirtualDub (free) or even use LightWave itself to compile the animation (http://lightwiki.net/wiki/Using_LightWave_to_compile_animations).


07-30-2012, 04:34 AM
You might wanīt to save out to LW Tga 32, that gives you alpha channel embedded in one image or use png formats.
Load them in to after effects or other comp software, and make sure after effects is checked to load as sequence, then just pick the first image and it will load all images in to one sequence.

Or render them out seperatly and check alpha image in the output tab.

in for example after effects you can load them as ignore or straight with alpha or without.

But Yes I miss quicktime too for previews, remarkable that Apple still havenīt bothered to support this for 64 bit.
If you want very short previews from viper, it was so easy to start the animation with good quality in the preview window and quicktime codect,
in 64 bit you can not display it with same quality unfortunatly, so quicktime and save animation is useful for short previews, I do not expect computer to hang or go down that often or within a few minutes
for previews.