View Full Version : How-To/Puzzle: Bullet-like simulation that ends in specific place

07-20-2012, 03:32 PM
A thought experiment:

Imagine a see-saw or teeter-totter (what do other countries/languages call this piece of playground apparatus???) stacked with block letters.

It goes up and down a couple times, then some 'letters' fall off and unbalanced, the other side lands hard, scattering all the rest. They bounce and roll around semi-realistically, and just HAPPEN to end up in a configuration that spells out a company name (or whatever).

Is this something that's best approached by hand, manually animating things, or can some system using Bullet or HardFX be used to animate the middle portion?

I'm talking (::counts on fingers::) 26 letters here.

IDEA 1: So, we know the beginning locations, and the end. Would some sort of simulation up to halfway thru the bouncing part (THAT bit is 'just' falling & collisions), and then taking those locations to the final resting location make things easier? At some point, it seems that the simulation would have to get played backwards.

The stuff that people accomplished w/point clouds and DPKit are sorta like this, but nobody was worrying about collisions or 'physics' there.