View Full Version : Pixie dust much slower compared to Sprites?

07-20-2012, 01:29 PM
Testing Pixie dust in Lightwave 11 again, just to find out it is extremly slow, a test render in 640x 480 with tiny, tiny particles comes out at 12.4 seconds agains hv sprites at 0.2 seconds, end results almost the same but you have better and more control with sprites.

Can not figure out why they has put this pixie dust in there, incorporate
something like jetstream or krakatoa style renderer.

This just feels so useless, and to bad when LW 11 finally broke the 1 million limit, we can now add and render many many millions 6 or more as I know of, but it will still be heavy on memory and cpu it seems.

Edit...just noticed that my grid size res was to smal, had to crank up to 300 or 500, but it is still slower than sprites.